At Resknow, we keep a keen eye on industry updates. The nature of our job means that we are often some of the very first people in the industry to notice trends in web design and development surface and evolve. But unlike many designers, we believe in using such trends as inspiration rather than simply following them like a religion ruled by checkboxes.

It’s never productive to get stuck in a rut – doing the same things over and over again just because you’ve proven that they work. It’s always best to try to see things from another angle. A new perspective doesn’t mean you have to overlook all of the knowledge you have previously obtained – it simply means that you can venture outside of your usual design habits and ultimately enrich results.

Today we’d like to share a few forward-thinking trends we’ve already spotted making waves in the digital sphere this year, to help inspire a fresh take on your latest web design project(s).

Five New (And Awesome) Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017

  1. Stacked block colours

Creating texture that doesn’t look crowed and busy is tricky. Recently we’ve seen a few websites make great use of block colours, layered on top of one another. It adds depth and is a really simple way to incorporate brand colours into a simple landing page or site layout.

  1. Bespoke illustrations

Nothing says ‘unique’ more than distinctive, branded illustrations to accompany content on a website. Companies that are looking to add a personal touch to their website are really favouring this at the moment, as no two have to be the same. Plus, gives designers a chance to get a bit arty!

  1. Overlapping Copy & Images

For a long time websites have stuck to traditional publishing methods. Surges of bloggers and freelancers have set out to change this though, adopting the overlapping copy & images trend for themselves. The response from visitors is positive. It’s new, and people like something that hasn’t really been done before. It shakes things up a bit. And again, the options are endless. We keep saying it, but get creative!!

  1. Decorative Typography

Not so long ago the Internet was dominated by simple neo-grotesque typography styles. Helvetica, Roboto, Lato and Open Sans ‘most-readable’ at some point or another and for a long time that was an unspoken rule most designers stuck by. Nevertheless, the revolution has begun. Digital designers are being bold with their use of typefaces – working with contrasts, breaking down individual letters and even animating them.

  1. Cinemagraphs

First, for those of you that don’t already know, cinemagraph is the term used for a high-quality video (like a GIF) that runs on a continuous loop. Instagram’s Boomerang feature is probably what drew new attention to what is actually fairly old technology. However, you cannot deny that it is a stunning way to add movement to what would otherwise be static pages. And it’s also proven to help visitors stay longer on your site (which we all know is more likely to lead to a conversion).

Similar to the fashion industry, web design is such a fast-paced sector that it really can change overnight. What is trendy one moment can look outdated the next, so it is our advice to put a unique spin on everything. Templates are temporary. Bespoke design has the ability to adjust to the times. And style lasts (sells) forever…

Are you likely to incorporate any of the elements above into your website(s)? Have your say on this subject by tweeting your thoughts to @Resknow! Thanks for reading 🙂