If you’re reading this, you either really, really love booze (to the extent that just the word “drunk” entices you) or you own a website, that you worry just isn’t quite up to scratch yet. Whatever reason you’re here today, we’ve got something that will surely be of interest to you…

Allow us to introduce you to a creative service (or new career path) that could make all the difference to your business or professional life: Drunk User Testing.

Yup, you read that right. There’s a service – in fact, plenty of services – that will test your website for usability and function and tell you how it performs in the wild! Initially it may sound like a bit of a joke, but there’s actually a lot of merit to it.

Not convinced? Well, we figured that might be the case at this point, so next hear us out as we share 3 thought-provoking reasons why a drunk person should be able to use your website without next to no difficulty:


The best websites are a breeze to use ­– they are, simply put, idiot proof! Whatever product, service or message you are selling, you need to contemplate the customer. That much is a given. However, what many website owners fail to do is test their website for ease of use properly before launching.

When you have been heavily (or even slightly) involved in the design or development of a website yourself, it is always going to be real easy for you to find things… but will a new visitor feel the same way?

It’s scientifically proven that the brain prefers to think about things that are easy to think about, so cognitive fluency is definitely an element to consider if you want visitors to instinctively know how to navigate your site and which actions they should take.


There’s another reason why simplistic web design works, and that’s because it is inclusive – everyone, no matter their level of education (or intoxication), can use it. This not only broadens your reach, but it also ensures you are catering to an important percentage of your current client-base.


Your message should be strong, but this doesn’t mean lengthy. Long copy has its place, but it’s not on the front page or in a description of what you do. A great way of writing copy that conveys your message quickly and efficiently is, of course, to imagine a drunk person were to read it… what else?!

Now, we’re not saying that the entire web-world is drunk, or that your clients are alcoholics. Instead, what we are saying is that most people either don’t have the time or capacity to process large quantities of information when simply searching for a plumber, pet sitter or takeaway service. Make it straightforward and you’re likely to see your conversion rate go up.

And so all this brings us to one simple conclusion: your website should be so simple, even a drunk person could use it. Convinced now? We thought so…