Stockbridge Private

Our clients at Stockbridge Private Partnership LLP wanted a simple and effective website with a high degree of privacy and security for their clients. As always, we were keen to help with a bespoke solution.

The Brief

Stockbridge Private Partnership LLP is a professional consultancy placing a very high emphasis on privacy, confidentiality and quality of service, specifically for private clients, the family office and corporate clientele. In light of today’s privacy challenges, the partners of Stockbridge wanted their website to be as robust and secure as it possibly could be.

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The Outcome

We listened carefully to our client’s specific requirements and, after a number of critical consultations, managed to deliver in line with their expectations in regard to the visual and the required levels of security desired.

The completed website also provides a fresh, clean design with a consistent colour scheme throughout to complement the Stockbridge brand. The site is divided into distinct sections explaining the various services offered and care was taken to ensure the brand personality and ethos of Stockbridge was reflected at every opportunity.

Resknow really were on board with us and fully understood the message and the character that Stockbridge was trying to convey. They were always enthusiastic, reliable and very helpful whenever engaging with us and genuinely interested in contributing to our success in due course.

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