Self Hack

Self Hack is an innovative new business that helps organisations to be proactive in preventing employee issues relating to poor mental health.

The Brief

When the Self Hack team came to us, they had plenty of ideas for the website but needed us to arrange their thoughts into a well-structured website that was both engaging and easy to navigate.

They needed the website to highlight their core message immediately and communicate their offers to potential clients both simply and effectively.

As always, we listened carefully to our client’s requirements and got to work with them by looking at the possible pages required and putting them into a logical, agreed order.


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The Outcome

The completed website is now perfect for the Self Hack team, who are thrilled with the results. The site is modern and uncomplicated – allowing the core business information to be easily accessible and understandable from the outset.

We used a range of techniques to fully promote the Self Hack offer – including logical page links, simple images and symbols to help potential clients find their way around the site. We also utilised prominent banners throughout the content of the site with testimonials, statistics and facts around mental health to drive home the benefits Self Hack has to offer.

The Resknow design team also carefully looked at Self Hack’s branding to ensure a consistent approach was maintained throughout the site – including the company logo and colour scheme for example, to ensure synergy with Self Hack’s social media presence.

“Resknow held our hand throughout the website process and explained all the technical requirements we had no idea about. They took on board our ideas, understood what we wanted to achieve as a business and delivered a website we’re really proud of.”

Self Hack Co-founder – Dawn Morley


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