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Ben Bullen Adventures

Arranging a birthday party, expedition or community get-together is hard work – which is why Ben Bullen Adventures offers a service to handle all of the logistics. They needed a website that runs as smoothly as their services do, and we were able to deliver just that.

Screenshot showing Ben Bullen Adventures homepage

The Brief

Ben Bullen Adventures provides outdoor outings for any occasion, meaning they have to be reliable, responsible and organised. As more businesses are now online than ever before, it was important for Ben Bullen Adventures to have a responsive, dependable website that was able to reflect their level of work and dedication.

Screenshots showing sections of Ben Bullen Adventures website

The Solution

Getting started, our main focus was colour choice and logo design. The client asked for some creative advice and our designer, Amy, was able to suggest the use of organic colours, footprints and what looks like a “mud splash”. The aim of the logo was to give potential customers a good idea of what the company does from the outset. The outcome couldn’t have been closer to this intention, so we carried this branding right through the entire site. Ben Bullen’s website is now highly informative, easy to use and recognisable.



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We were impressed by Resknow’s professional approach and would highly to recommend them to anyone, without hesitation!

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