Happiness is something we endlessly strive to achieve. Though we know it is not a state we can attain all the time, it is the overriding emotion we wish to experience in both our professional and personal lives. Here at Resknow we pride ourselves on our friendly attitude and cheerful approach to work. With this in mind, we thought it necessary to share our top tips with you. Read on if you’re ready to make your workplace a kinder, happier place.

Swap Pleasantries

After years working alongside the same people it can seem boring and mundane to swap samey pleasantries but it is in fact more important than ever to continue to do so. Greet the team with a cheery “Hello” each morning and make time for a quick chat in the kitchen in-between jobs. Offering a cup of tea or coffee is a little courtesy with a big ability to improve chilly workplace relations. Could we be more British?

Ask Questions

There’s an art to small talk and that’s asking questions, listening and replying. It’s really simple but massively underrated. When you take the time to get to know someone you are always able to work better alongside them. You may find that you have a different personality to your co-workers but it’s likely you have at least one thing in common and that is that you want to work in a harmonious environment. Who doesn’t?

Give Credit

The more you get to know your co-workers the more likely you are to bounce ideas off of one another. This is when it becomes important to give credits where they are deserved and return favours whenever you can. A supportive structure can work wonders, as all team members feel appreciated and appropriately acknowledged. After all, wouldn’t you expect a close college to give you recognition for something you contributed to?

Express Gratitude

Whether you’re a boss or an intern, expressing gratitude when someone has carried out a task, done a good job or simply made you a cuppa is a must. “Please” and “thank-you” ‘s aren’t just part of workplace etiquette, they are everyday life etiquette. Appreciate the little things in life and your gratitude will give both yourself and others that feel-good feeling that keeps us going, day after day, year after year… Nothing beats the fabulous feedback, does it?

Sidestep Gossip

Getting friendly with your co-workers will open up a line of communication that may not have been there before. You may (or may not) learn that they like to gossip. Gossiping is never productive and almost always causes confusion, group dysfunctions and a bad atmosphere. Avoid it like the plague. And if you hear something you shouldn’t (or don’t want to) know, what is the harm in letting your colleague know where you stand?

Be Responsive

When working in a team, you should put in what you expect to get out. If you want your team members to reply to your emails in a timely manner you must remember that this should work both ways. Be responsive and you are likely to benefit from the same great treatment back. Not convinced? Why not improve your communications for a week and see if the results are of any value to you?


Smiling is contagious. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, someone else bearing a warm beam at you is likely to trigger a fake grin back, at the very least. The simple act of smiling, whether forced or not, releases neuropeptides in the brain, incidentally making you happy. Well, you can’t argue with science can you?

We hope this article has given you some fresh ideas and a new perspective on the basic yet fundamental components of a happy work and head space! If you have any advice of your own to share on this topic, tweet your tips to @Resknow! Looking forward to hearing from you.