Before the birth of the Internet, businesses relied solely on their offline marketing efforts. They would use brochures, business cards, flyers, leaflets and not to forget, word of mouth. Of course, this was back when people spoke to each other in real life, these days… well, we spend up to 27 hours a week online…

With so much time spend online, it now makes more sense to invest in a website than it does to invest in an offline marketing campaign (not that you can’t, and should, do both) and here’s why:

Cost Effective Investment

A website is less like a campaign and more like a shop front, in that it is permanent and often comes at a one-off cost. It takes little effort to maintain, especially when you have professionals to-hand to help and can be supported by digital campaigns to attract visitors.

Responsive Customer Support

Picking up a leaflet and calling someone is fairly laborious for the modern-day, working consumer. A website is a great way to provide easy and responsive customer support, in the form of a FAQ page, Q&A forum or bespoke contact us form.

Ability to Enhance Reach

Websites have the ability to enhance your businesses reach dramatically in a short period of time, if done properly. Local online search is an ever-increasingly common way for people for shop for services and products, and having a website with good SEO and targeted keywords is the only way to influence this online market.

Opportunity to Operate Worldwide

Enhanced reach isn’t limited to local search, though. Having a website means you can open up a wide range of opportunities, including being able to operate on a global scale (if you want to. Note: owning a website doesn’t mean you have to operate worldwide).

24/7 Sales!

Unlike a shop-front, a website is open and able to take orders 24/7 (again, only if you want it to). This added ability to reach people at all hours, without doing anything, makes owning a website vital in today’s competitive business climate.

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